Get relief from your musculoskeletal pain

Nowadays people suffer a lot from several musculoskeletal pains and injuries. Physiotherapy is the only way to treat these injuries. Daisy Hill Physiotherapy Centre is one of the best physiotherapy clinics that provide the best Physiotherapist Daisy Hill. They care a lot about their patients and pay individual attention to each of them. The best possible outcomes are provided by them to every patient of their clinic.

All the physiotherapists of Daisy Hill Physiotherapy Centre are very experienced and knowledgeable about sports, post-surgical and spinal injury rehabilitation. They all have gained high experience in physiotherapy. Some of the services of Daisy Hill Physiotherapy Centre given below –

  • Dry needling and acupuncture

Acupuncture is offered by Daisy Hill Physiotherapy Centre for the residents in Daisy Hill. They are quite popular in Daisy Hill for their dry needling and acupuncture techniques. Dry needles are inserted easily due to their small size and they do not cause any pain. Cardiovascular and endocrine responses are stimulated with the help of acupuncture. Healing and normal functions are also promoted by these techniques. A release of tension can be elicited by inserting a single needle at many points. Neurological, chronic pain and movement-related musculoskeletal conditions are treated by acupuncture and dry needling techniques. The Physiotherapy Board of Australia has certified all the practitioners of this clinic.

  • Clinical Pilates

The general exercise and health principles of Pilates are adapted into physiotherapy framework by Clinical Pilates. The substantial and significant functional improvement is always aimed to be achieved by the physiotherapists with the help of clinical Pilates. It allows you to enjoy all your daily activities properly. The routine and structure of your rehabilitation can be highly benefited with the help of clinical Pilates. Joints and muscles are also kept functional and strengthened by Pilates. People who are suffering from postural problems, muscle-mediated weakness and joint instabilities get the most benefit from clinical Pilates.

  • Sports Physiotherapy

Injury recurrence can be prevented by early management, accurate diagnosis and specific rehabilitation of sporting injuries. As all the physiotherapists of Daisy Hill Physiotherapy Centre have extensive knowledge and experience in treating all kinds of sport injuries, so the sporting injuries are treated, diagnosed and assessed by them very efficiently. A wide range of musculoskeletal strains, sprains and sports injuries are treated by them. Ankle sprains, bursitis, neck pain, back pain, knee injuries, shin splints etc. are included in the sports injuries that are treated at Daisy Hill Physiotherapy Center.

  • Physiotherapy

A varied array of rehabilitative skills and treatments are used by the physiotherapists of Daisy Hill Physiotherapy Center. Injuries and movement disorders can be overcome by the patient with the help of their treatment. The management of your condition can be assisted with by the trained physiotherapist of this clinic. Massage, exercise, joint mobilization, stretches and education are involved in physiotherapy.

Thus, the appointment availability of Daisy Hill Physiotherapy Centre can be found out by calling them or making an appointment online.